Peter Guinness was DeSaad in The Snyder Cut!

The Film Exiles can confirm from a source close to the production, that not only was DeSaad in Snyder’s cut of Justice League but that he was cast, and was performed by none other than Peter Guinness!



Peter has been actively working in the film and television industry in the United Kingdom. His credits go far and wide, but most is most well known for his live, on stage work in theatres. Interestingly, as with Ray Porter, whose casting news we broke in April, he is also very well known for his voice acting.


His most recent role that you may know of is his portrayal of Major Burov in the HBO series Chernobyl.

Peter’s wife is also an acclaimed and talented actress in her own right. Roberta Taylor will be well known to many in the UK for her role in Police drama series, The Bill where she played Inspector Gina Gold.

Some might say she would make a good Granny Goodness too, though this is purely speculation.

We asked friend of The Film Exiles, Ramesh De Silva, to lend his talents and produce a mock-up of what we think Ray might have looked like as Darkseid. Of course there is no way to know for certain, especially how much CGI would have been used, but we thought it would be fun to visualize. You can find more of Ramesh’s work on his various social media accounts, and on his Twitter @RameshDeSilva2.

This news further shows the disconnect between Director Snyder’s version of the film, and the one that was released in theatres. DeSaad was not even mentioned in the theatrical version of the film and that shows further how this was a monumental shift away from the original intent of the script.

Guinness might not be a household name, but there is no doubt that Director Snyder has always had a keen eye for casting. From 300 to Sucker Punch to his DC films offering, he has always been able to find the perfect actor to embody a role. One can only hope, that we one day get to see Peter’s performance the way that Zack Snyder had intended.

For Further Information and discussion on the news, check out our Film Exiles Special Podcast on our YouTube channel. You can follow us for more @TheExilesNet and @TheFilmExiles on Twitter.

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